Dairy-RP Calculator

Use the calculator below to view the latest pricing available for your dairy using Dairy Revenue Protection price floors. Select your state to see pricing populate. From there, you'll see both Class III and Class IV price protection, with options to expand into Component pricing. View your selections with a variety of coverage levels and protection factors. If you see something you like, click each individual coverage to select and Request to send us a note. 

Want to see how Dairy-RP opportunities have changed over time, what current floors mean as a blend price in your area, and how they compare against past years' milk prices? Click here to explore Dairy-RP pricing perspective charts. 

Please note: we are working to add the Class IV component pricing option to our calculator. In the meantime, check our daily Dairy-RP Pricing Update emails to see whether the component pricing option currently provides a higher Class IV price floor than the class pricing option. 

Give us a call at 1-877-424-3343 to review the right strategy for your dairy.